Garfield Co-op Preschool employs a play-based curriculum to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. We offer preschool programs for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds and a Parent-Toddler program.

Our programs foster a positive idea of school, a healthy self image and a strong knowledge of academic concepts.

Our daily routine combines both structured and open-ended activities to provide children with opportunities for social, cognitive and creative development! Optional field trips throughout the year support the curriculum and allow the kids (and parents!) to have some fun outside of the classroom. Daily activities include circle time, art projects, fine motor tasks, free play and gross motor activities! Each class period also has a designated snack time.

Our spacious classroom allows us to provide children with many choices for free play including blocks, puzzles, doll houses, dress-up, reading nook, art easels etc. The classroom also have a sensory table that is swapped often to keep the kids engaged!

What PARENTS are saying

Real parents giving their honest opinions.
Shelly Pung

"My son attended Garfield Co-Op Preschool for two years; the three year class and then the four year class. He absolutely loved it! He couldn't wait to go to school. We would have to count down to the next school day. I also loved it! Ms. B. is such a sweet teacher. She is kind and soft spoken with the children. Everyday she plans several activities and crafts that foster learning. I loved the co-op aspect of it too. I was able to work in the classroom and see what he learned everyday and how he interacted with other students. The field trips were super fun and educational. I would recommend Garfield Co-Op preschool to anyone."

Angela Hoover

"My daughter went through Garfield. We loved it so much that now our sons (4 and 2) are going through. Plan to be there another 3 school years. Mrs. B is the best! My 4 year old LOVES her. She makes learning fun and effortless. I don't think that the kids realize they are learning it's so much fun. I love the co-op structure, and being so involved in my kids education. So glad we found a home here."

Melissa Holton

"My now 5 year old son attended the 3 year and 4 year program and LOVED it here!!! Ms. B is amazing and wonderful with the kids. Great program to get your kid started in school. My other son is currently attending the 3 year program and loves his school! :) I have recommended to friends and will continue to do so!!"

Kelli Carter

"My son is currently in the three year old program. He loves it, and he's making such positive changes. I love the chance to work in the classroom it's been amazing. Looking forward to the rest of the year!!"