Membership Requirements:

  • Co-op members are required to work in the classroom approximately once or twice per month and provide a healthy snack approximately every other working day. For an additional fee, members may choose not to work in the classroom.
  • Members must hold a job in the Co-op Preschool, such as assistant treasurer, class representative, or newsletter editor. Job assignments last for the entire school year. For an additional fee, members may choose not to hold a job assignment.
  • Members attend several mandatory general membership meetings per  year.
  • Members must raise or donate $150 profit through various  fundraising events throughout the year.
  • Members need to meet all health requirements prior to attending class. 
  • Members may attend optional field trips with their child which occur approximately five or six times throughout the school year. Field trips may include: Erwin Orchards, Real Life Farm, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Farmington Gymnastics Center, High Velocity Sports Center, and Creatopia pottery.

  • Pricing: $90 for 3 Year, $135 for 4 Year, additional $20 for non-working families, additional $35 for non co-op job